Classic Slurry Machine

Oils or fats are added to the first tank where they are melted by a thermostatically controlled fluid jacket. Powder is added by the operator and the oil and powder is mixed. When the mix is complete in the first tank, the mix is transferred to the distribution tank. In this tank it is kept in suspension by a mixer and pumped from here when required.

The slurry is air atomised in the drum to give even coverage on the product.

Classic Slurry Machine
Classic Slurry Machine
  • Twin tank system
  • Fully stainless steel and designed with hygiene in mind
  • Both tanks heated with 6Kw jackets
  • Double diaphragm pneumatic tank transfer pump with hygienic one nut design
  • Watson Marlow peristatic pump to transfer to drum
  • Ultrasonic low-level indicator
  • Folded stainless steel containment bund
  • Rittal stainless steel hygienic enclosure

All Products are available with Bead Blasting or Polished finish applied