Mix on Demand

A mixing system takes a self-regulating amount of powder and oil and shears them together to create a slurry, which is then pumped through a regulating valve and flow rate monitor to a spraying lance. The system will modify the volume of slurry sent through the valve by reading the flow and adjusting the valve accordingly.

Mix on Demand
Mix on Demand
  • The use of a high shear mixer/pump to replace both the pump and traditional propeller mixer
  • LiW powder system to accurately weigh the powder going in as well as the oil
  • Stainless geared flow meter to measure the flow to both control the speed of the oil and let the system know what powder is required
  • Calculates how much powder is required to give the correct ratio
  • Supports both oil tanks and pressurised oil supply lines
  • Laser level probe acts as a "sanity check" to ensure that the level in the mixing vessel is kept topped up
  • Vessel holds around 7 litres of slurry
  • Baffles stop vortexing occuring in the tank
  • Completely closed system can guarantee to a much higher degree of accuracy.
  • Endress and Hauser mass flow meter
  • Siemens PLC
  • 10-inch HMI

All Products are available with Bead Blasting or Polished finish applied