Potato Grader/Halver

Grader - Six lanes (seven rollers) of fixed pitch machined scrolls each independently driven by encoder-monitored SEW motor/gear box units, each scroll is synchronised to the next to create a gap variable between approx. 35-70mm in 1mm steps. Undersized potatoes will drop through, oversized will pass over the scrolls and enter the potato halver.

Halver - Oversized potatoes are automatically orientated to travel widest edge first towards one of six halving knifes where they are then cut in half by means of a rotating circular blade.

Potato Grader/Halver
Potato Grader/Halver
  • Potatoes are automatically orientated widthways into the halver
  • Min tuber size – 20mm
  • Max tuber size - 150mm
  • Sizing range - 35-70mm
  • Capacity – 6-10 tonnes per hour depending on tuber size
  • Stainless steel materials used throughout wherever possible
  • Rittal hygienic panel to house all controls
  • PLC & HMI with external comms
  • All functions and settings including grading size set on the HMI
  • Grader scrolls directly driven
  • All drives are inverter controlled
  • Accurate potato grading
  • Low maintenance due to minimum moving parts, no belts or gears
  • Grading size can be changed whilst running
  • Small footprint taking up less space within the production area

All Products are available with Bead Blasting or Polished finish applied