Oil Spray

Oil is contained inside a stainless-steel tank that can be heated using a double skinned design with a thermostatically controlled water jacket heater. This oil is then pumped to the electrical solenoids, which spray droplets of oil onto the intended target: the amount of spray is set using the product’s HMI, and maintained by an array of different sensors in many areas of the system.

Oil Spray
Oil Spray
  • Fully Stainless construction
  • Digital temperature control and pump regulation
  • Electrically actuated solenoids
  • Stainless steel braided hose with quick release couplings
  • Ultrasonic tank level
  • Housed on a spill containment bund on caster rails
  • Support for external pressurised oil lines
  • External parameter control
  • 10-inch full colour HMI
  • Optional tank melting system up to 60C
  • Optional inline heater
  • Hygienic pneumatic stainless steel piston pump
  • Full siemens PLC control
  • Rittal Hygienic Panel
  • No air atomisation. No mist, creates droplets
  • Transparent and easily dismantlable oil filter
  • Exceptional flow accuracy

All Products are available with Bead Blasting or Polished finish applied